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Can Watering Rocks water my cut or bagged Christmas Tree? 2014-12-01T10:40:23+00:00

Yes. They can and are used to automatically water your bagged or cut Christmas trees automatically. Place the rock on a box or shelf so the rock is higher than where you want the drip to go. Make sure the lines are secured so they do not leak. Fill the rock, set the dripper and it will release water slowly to the desired container. Check at first to make sure the drip is not so fast it overflows the container.

Do you only sell the 5 Gallon Rock? 2014-03-07T08:32:27+00:00

In the past I have made concrete rocks in the 1 gallon and 2 gallon size. I can

still make these as a special order but they are heavy and  more fragile.

We have also made” rock pots “out of concrete which are still popular where

I do not have to ship. There are pics on this web site of all.

We are a growing company and would like to make a 25Gallon plastic rock

 as soon as cash flow allows.

How do you use this rock with a timer? 2014-03-07T08:25:21+00:00

There are a couple of ways to approach this and I am not sure exactly where in 

the system you would want the timer , but here are some suggestions. 

1. There are shut off valves for the 1/4″ line sold . They could be placed at the 

main source ( maybe 3-4inches away from where it connects to the rock) which 

would shut off all drippers. 

or place shut off valves in line right before the drippers to control each dripper. 

2. I cannot find 1/4″ timers so far. But I did find under ” irrigation timers” on 

searches a few that could be worked with but adapters would have to be used to 

reduce to the 1/4″ line and I am not sure if that would affect the flow.

Right now I have no easy solution for this.

Can I hook my rock up for automatic filling? 2014-03-07T08:22:01+00:00

Yes I have successfully done this myself. There are a few different ways to

accomplish this.

1. You can run run a line from an existing drip or sprinkler line to hole in the

back of the rock. Depending on how long your drippers or sprinkler timers

are set you must attach say a 1gallon/hour or 2gallon/hour dripper tom

reduce the flow of water into the rock. For instance, if you run your sprinkler for

30 minutes with a 1gallon/hour dripper you will fill 1/2 gallon in rock.

2.There are also hose timers  that could be attached to  an outlet and 

then run the hose to the hole in the back of the rock to automatically fill it.

Will the rock water plants higher than the rock? 2014-03-07T08:11:56+00:00

Sorry to say they will not. People have told me though that they put their

rock on a chair or ledge and let the lines flow down to their potted and

hanging plants while on vacation.

I just put water in my rock and nothing is coming out. 2014-03-07T08:06:56+00:00

When you first put water in your rock it may take a short time to get flowing.

I recommend opening some drippers all the way to prime the rock and get

the air out of the lines. Then replace the dripper caps and adjust as you like.


I am having trouble getting the threaded barb into the hole on the back of the rock. How far should I screw the barb in? 2014-03-07T08:01:51+00:00

The threaded  barb on the back of the rock is made to fit tight to prevent leaking.

It is best to very carefully tighten the barb till the threads are almost dissappeared.

Thr barbs are tough but are plastic and can break , which is why I package 2  with

every rock. The biggest reason to tighten this far is that it strengthens the barb.

The threads of the barb can act as weak points when the attached lines

pull on the barb.

How do I prepare the rock for winter? 2014-03-07T07:54:08+00:00

Make sure the rock is completely drained of water. If you open the drippers

and blow on the fill hole on the top back of the rock it will push water

out of the lines. Although the rocks are made of durable plastic it is probably

best to take them inside if you expect severe winter weather.

Can I add fertilizer to the water in the rocks? 2014-03-07T07:47:39+00:00

Yes you can. But, I would recommend a liquid fertilizer to make sure it 

mixes well with the water and does not leave risiduals that may clog the lines.

Can I use “dirty water” with these rocks? 2014-03-07T07:44:25+00:00

Yes you can. If  the 1/4″ line should become plugged

you can use a coat hanger or something similar to unplug.

How can I make sure the water is getting to the roots on those hot summer days? 2014-03-07T07:42:00+00:00

I place a hole in the dirt next to the plant and have the dripper flow

 into the hole for deep irrigation. This really helps on those very hot summer days.

How can I maximize the amount of time the water will flow from the rock 2014-03-07T07:40:03+00:00

 If you want the drip to last longer turn the drippers down to a slow drip.

 I have also noted that it is best to set the dripper 

flow a little faster than what you want as the flow slows over time.

What are the dimensions of the Watering Rock? 2012-12-19T11:49:49+00:00

The Watering Rock is 16″ wide x 14″ deep x 12″ height.